A Disclaimer (of sorts)

OK, so I’ve decided to use this blog (amongst others it seems) to collect my thoughts on where I’m at ‘professionally’.  By that I guess I mean ‘teacher-wise’ at present, though knowing me there’ll be a fair smattering of personal guff as well.

If you’ve happened upon this and you’re wondering what it’s all about, I can assure you that I’m not intending to read lots of other blogs and summarise their thoughts up here – it’s not going to be a blogging literature review.  I’ll probably end up posting some interesting bits and pieces that others throw my direction, but if you really interested in web stuff, check out much more regularly updated and tech savvy blogs.  What I am about is noticing – myself, my students, my school, my teaching and most importantly my learning.  I’m hoping there’ll be lots of reflections on that.  And of course I’d be hoping you’d be happy to comment as you go.



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